Filipino community in Bristol is an association of Filipinos, Filipino- British and friends whose primary purpose is to develop, promote, and preserve the Filipino cultural heritage among its members in the city of Bristol and its neighboring communities.

Over the years Filipinos have already thrived in the city of Bristol, England. From the year 2000, there was a significant increase in the number of Filipinos, notably nurses including their families. This was due to the wave of migration from the Philippines and other parts of the globe.
Through the years they come together during social gatherings, sports activities including spiritual enrichments. Children have also developed their own little communities in local schools. Filipinos slowly evolved and have fitted and adapted to the English way of life, some are now residents, and others are already British citizens.
On September, 2008, the need for unity and preservation of culture, dignity and pride of 'the Filipino' roused.  Representatives from various parts of Bristol gathered to organize themselves. Followed were weekly meetings, carefully building a solid foundation coming from the grass roots or masses of the Filipino community. That same year, the memorable FILIPINO FAMILY DAY sealed its future, the day was rainy and the clouds were dark, but it did not stop the overwhelming FILIPINO spirit. Everyone has bonded to enjoy and partake the true meaning of being a Filipino- in mind, heart and soul. That special day seemed endless that the union started from morning until midnight without anyone wanting to leave. On October 12, 2008, Filipinos joined and cast their votes, electing the pioneer officers and finalizing its organizations name, "FILIPINO COMMUNITY IN BRISTOL". This election marked the highest organization election votes in the history of Filipino organization election in Bristol.

FILIPINO COMMUNITY IN BRISTOL Its Acronym- FILCOM BRISTOL, a legacy of Filipinos... together being built and is here to stay.
History of FILCOM Bristol